p12-v2Allow me to introduce myself – my name is Lawrence Pinkley, I’m a private detective. There aren’t many eighteen year old detectives in Whitby, in fact, I’m the only one, but not by choice. I found myself pulled to the cold north east of England following the death of my father, when I unwillingly inherited the Pinkley Investigation Group, or PIG for short.

You can read about my adventures in the Lawrence Pinkley Mystery books.

Other Staff at the Pinkley Investigation Group:

tim2At some point in Tim’s childhood, he was abducted by aliens and sent on a voyage of knowledge and discovery across the universe. Eventually the aliens realised how pointless this was and, as a failed student, he was returned to Earth and left with a family who brought him up as a human bean. But, the persistent memories of new worlds, dragons and other creatures, continued to knock at his frontal lobe, desperately trying to break out. To avoid making a mess and calm his imagination, Tim began writing as a way to communicate with Earthlings.

Fuelled by Chilli and Nachos and a bottle of wine, Tim manages to balance a love of loud rock music and fast cars (preferably red!) with emotional chic flicks, smart leather shoes and a well tailored suit. He has successfully infiltrated the humans and hides behind the façade known as a family. He learns from his children, but is regularly told to stop acting like a child by his wife.

Naturally shy and unsociable by nature, he is selective of the human company he keeps, preferring to be around old books, bonsai and art. He cries at ‘It’s a wonderful life’ but sulks if fed evil vegetables disguised as Parsnips or Peas. He is bored by mundane conversation, excited by architecture and castles and fuelled by Caramel Latte Macchiato’s.

Occasionally, Tim likes to catch up with old acquaintances on Tatooine, Westeros, and Middle Earth, and stare at fantasy and concept art as if it is a window to his childhood adventures. He is always trying to learn lessons from the masters; Mr Charles Darwin and Mr Lionel Ritchie, about life and love. Tim’s galactic mission is to translate his brain activity into a language that inspires and entertains you, transports you to different worlds and grants you an audience with the characters you have dreamt about, but never dared to remember. All of this in an attempt to redeem himself with his childhood alien abductors and travel the stars once more.


dylan2In the early days of Nursery School Dylan drew a picture of a chicken; his Mother thought it was so good that she put it on the wall to be admired by all.  This simple picture was to be kept safe for years to come.  It was this symbolic act of a proud parent that his young impressionable mind took notice of, realizing that he had a talent, and that his drawing made people happy, he kept on doing it.

In-between going out to play and building model planes he practiced his drawings and got better and better.  In school teachers urged him to share his artwork with other classes, and when he did something particularly impressive he even got to visit the older classes with it!

Years of practice turned a hobby into a job, and after gaining a degree in Visual Communication Dylan started his illustration company.  Inspired by the world around him, Dylan has illustrated dozens of books, comics, and games and worked in advertising.

When not drawing, a love of sandwiches keeps Dylan’s mind and body fed.  Fastidious about taste combinations and layering of sandwich content, he and those who know him, consider him to be a master creator of this breaded snack.  He also loves cooking and baking, bringing in his garden grown produce to rustle up a tasty supper.  He loves nothing more than making a good pastry by hand for a savory or sweet treat.

Drawing and eating do take up a lot of the day, as does caring for his trusty spaniel who is a valued work colleague at Dylan Gibson Illustration.  When free from his hectic work schedule Dylan loves reading and wondering why things are the way they are.  An avid fan of science, history and geology books his current favourite topic is ancient civilizations.